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Purchasing Information

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 General Information

The Purchasing Department strives to provide direct support to the educational mission of the School. It assists departments by processing and expediting orders in a timely and efficient manner within the constraints of state purchasing requirements, UNCSA policies, and the highest ethical standards.

Code of Ethics

Purchasing Department personnel exercise sound business judgement and maintain the highest ethical standards in the conducting of University business.

1. Foster fair, ethical, and legal business practices that promote the University's mission.

2. Grant all competitve offers equal consideration to the extent State regulations and the established policies of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts permit and regard each transaction on its own merit.

3. Cooperate with trade and industrial associations, governmental and private agencies that are engaged in the promotion and development of sound business methods.

4. Conduct business with potential and current suppliers in an atmosphere of mutual confidence and integrity.

5. Demand honesty in sales representation whether offered through verbal or written statements, advertisements or product samples.

6. Be promt and courteous to all business partners.

7. Strive to obtain the maximum value for each dollar spent.

8. Decline personal gifts or gratuities.