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Purchasing Information

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 P-Card Information
General Information

The purpose of the UNC School of the Arts Purchasing Card Program is to simplify procurement and payment processes for selected low dollar, high volume business commodities and services.  The program is designed to maintain accountability while reducing the cycle time and administrative burden of procurement procedures such as purchase requisitions/orders, direct pay requests, and expense reimbursements.  The card is issued by Bank of America and is widely accepted by vendors that support Visa card purchases. The program provides the a multitude of benefits to cardholders and the University.

Users Guide

This guide is designed to comply with state regulations and School policy and to assist management in carrying out its responsibilities regarding the accountability for purchasing goods and services.

P-Card User's Manual


To access the Bank of America WORKs site, visit the following site.


In order to be eligible to receive a P-Card, the faculty or staff member must have completed P-Card training that details the rules, regulations and procedures associated with using a P-Card.

You will receive updated information regarding P-Card and State Contract Training at a later date.