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 General Information
Surplus Property


School equipment that is no longer needed by a department cannot be thrown away or discarded. If not transferred directly to another school department, all school equipment must be sent to the Surplus Property Office for disposal.

What is Surplus Property?
Surplus Property is defined as any property which a department or office determines is no longer needed to continue its operation. This encompasses all school property no longer in use by a department. Departments should transfer all property and equipment to Surplus Property as soon as it is determined that it is no longer needed. Surplus property may not be discarded, given away, or converted to personal use.

How to Surplus Property
An Inventory Action Form must be completed and emailed to the Surplus Property email account. Please include any pertinent information ie: Fixed Asset tag number, specific location, and condition of item and attach a copy of the Inventory Action Form to the item to be picked up. Once the form is received in the Surplus Property Office, you will be contacted to arrange pickup of your items withtin 48 hours.

UNCSA Department Transfer
Surplus property which may be of value to another campus department may be transferred to that department using the Inventory Action Form. After both departments have signed this form, it should be submitted to the Surplus Property email account. Both departments will be contacted within 48 hours to arrange pickup and delivery of the item.

Theft Report
According to G.S. 114-15.1, if any State property has been stolen, the employee discovering the theft must report the theft to his/her supervisor and Campus Police at 770-3321. This is to be done as soon as possible, but not later than three days from the day of discovery. A copy of the police report and an Inventory Action Form should be sent to the Surplus Property Office.

Trade-In of Equipment
Some equipment, such as office machines, may have a trade-in value towards the purchase of new or replacement equipment. When equipment is used for trade-in, the responsible department must get prior written approval from the Surplus Property Office before completing a Purchase Order for the new equipment.

The Surplus Property Office will notify the department when approval for trade-in has been received. At that time the department may continue with the purchase of the replacement item.

Surplus is committed to recycling as many items for the UNCSA campus as possible. We meet this goal by having items that are declared surplus property available for other departments to use. To view currently available merchandise please visit the Surplus Property Shop.

We recycle our broken and outdated electronic equipment, in addition to metal products using a State Contract Vendor. This helps keep obsolete and broken equipment out of our landfills. The State Surplus Property Office in Raleigh must approve all property that UNCSA recycles.

Surplus Property Sales to the Public through Bids
Surplus property not needed by departments is listed with the State Surplus Property Agency in Raleigh, which advertises it for public bid. Interested parties may view bid sheets, state classifieds, vehicles lists, and place bids on line at

If you have questions, please contact Tim Jackson 336-770-3319