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Purchasing Information

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 General Information

Goods and services for the University may be procured in three ways; Purchase Order, Small Purchase Order, and P-Card. These are the approved means to procure items for the University.

The three methods listed are outlined in detail below for your information.

A Purchasing Quick Reference Guide is available here for your reference and to assist in the process.



As outlined in the North Carolina Administrative Code and pursuant to the State of North Carolina Executive Order #156, persons are encouraged and promoted to purchase products containing recycled content.

Small Purchase Orders

Small Purchase Orders (SPO) are distributed to departments in quantities of ten (10) at a time and have a maximum value of $300.00. They should be used for LOCAL vendors who will not take our P-Card and for an immediate purchase need.

When used, the PINK copy of the SPO and the original receipt / invoice should be sent to Accounts Payable within 24 hours of the purchase. The yellow copy of the SPO should be sent to Purchasing at the same time.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders should be used when:

1. Vendors will not accept our P-Card.

2. The purchase will be over the $2500.00 P-Card Transaction limit.

3. The good / service is not an allowable P-Card purchase.


The P-Card should be used on Purchases that fall within the guidelines outlined in the
P-Card User's Manual. No purchase should exceed the $2500.00 transaction limit.


Direct Pay Requests are used for:

  • Bank Fees
  • Postage Fees
  • Student Emergency Checks
  • Refunds for Deposits
  • Legal Fees/Audit Fees
  • Insurance
  • Any other instance where pre-payment is required-payment is required prior to receipt of goods or services.

*Failure to follow these procedures will make the purchaser personally responsible for payment of the commodities purchased and the purchasing privileges will be suspended.