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Apply for Housing

Current students request housing preferences during the sign up period in February. Priority for selecting your housing preference will be based upon (1) your wish to stay in your current room, and (2) your current classification. Not all rooms will be available for you to request for the next academic year. For example, if you currently live in a First Year Experience hall, now is the time to start thinking about what housing options will be the best fit for you for the next academic year.

When you come to sign up for next year’s housing be sure to complete and print the Housing Application (hand written application will not be accepted) {Click here}

For current student sign up dates please reference our student sign up brochure {Click here}

Apply to be Released from College Housing

The Board of Trustees of UNC School of the Arts has a policy, which requires all college freshmen and sophomores to live on campus. Students who have unusual circumstances, e.g., medical or psychological related conditions may appeal to the Housing Review Board
to live off campus.

What are predetermined exceptions?
If a student qualifies by reason of a predetermined exemption, no action needs to be taken (see Housing Policy).

What are unusual circumstances?
The circumstances may include medical or psychological needs or restrictions, as well as other unusual conditions. The student must outline what his/her unusual circumstance is as part of the appeal process and provide written medical and/ or other documentation to support the request.

Supporting documentation must be attached to the application form for release from the requirements. Such documentation should describe in detail the medical condition; time period of treatment and how living on campus may impact that condition. The Director of Student Health Services and/or the Director of Counseling Services will be asked to review all medical or psychological documentation and will designate by certification of endorsement if the problem is currently substantiated through treatment within the Wellness Center.

The process for submitting an appeal:
All completed applications will be forwarded to the Chair of the Housing Review Board (HRB) committee. If the appeal is upheld, the HRB will notify the student, the Residence Life Programs & Housing Office, and the Business Office.

Please note: Until the HRB notifies the various offices that an appeal has been upheld, a student will be enrolled and billed for housing and the affiliated board plan. The advance housing payment should be paid.

Failure to pay the advance housing payment has no effect on the success or failure of an appeal, nor does signing a long term lease within the community effect the outcome of an appeal. Every college student should contact the Housing Office to select a desirable on-campus housing assignment in case their appeal is denied.

Application for Release from College Housing