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 College Life

Students in a dorm

Whether you like the idea of walking a short distance to class or just meeting new and interesting people, living on campus provides convenience, security, and the opportunity to experience college life to its fullest extent. Great effort is taken in the College Residence Life Program to provide students with a variety of choices that are conducive to their academic, artistic and personal needs. Living on campus is an integral part of a student’s full collegiate experience. Building a community of artists is serious business at UNCSA. The College Residence Life staff is committed to providing a living and learning environment that supports growth as a student, an artist and an individual.

College students may be assigned to one of six residence halls, Bailey Street, or Center Stage apartment areas. Approximately 525 college graduate or undergraduate students are housed in the residence halls and apartments. Each residence hall contains three floors, each with eight singles and four doubles, and a population of 16 residents. Most of the residence halls are co-ed; however, a variety of special interest housing options are available to meet your social, artistic, and wellness needs. Bailey Street Apartments contain four individual bedrooms and a shared living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Center Stage Apartments contain two individual bedroom/bathroom suites and a shared living room, kitchen, washer and dryer, and dishwasher.  Housing priority is given to returning students based on seniority. Freshmen can anticipate living on campus and rooming with another student.

Students in an apartment

Residence halls and apartments contain a mix of students from various arts areas and class years. This arrangement maximizes your opportunity to learn from, network with, and socialize among students with varied backgrounds, experiences, and interests. Beyond the living quarters, there are common spaces created to promote and develop a sense of community. Lounge areas for TV viewing and recreational and educational programming, a student-run coffee house, a kitchen and laundry facilities are at your convenience.

Consistent with the founders’ vision of a residential arts community, UNCSA requires that all full-time freshman and sophomore undergraduates live on campus and participate in the full meal plan, with the following exceptions:

  • Students who are married or living with a dependent;
  • Students living within 25 miles of campus at the time of enrollment;
  • Graduate Students;
  • Special (non-degree-seeking) students;
  • Students who are classified as CIII (Junior or CIV (Seniors);
  • Student who have turned or will turn 21 within the Fall Term of the academic year;
  • UNCSA High School graduates may live off campus their CII (sophomore) year of college.

Campus housing is optional for junior and senior college students and graduate students, including those who meet the above exceptions, and is provided as space allows. The Housing Review Board hears all requests from college students requesting to live off campus.

The College Residence Life staff works hard to provide programs and activities to meet your social, recreational, mental, and wellness needs. The combination of security, convenience, programming and student activities makes the UNCSA campus an exciting place to live.

Quiet Hours
Residence Halls A-F
Special Interest Housing
Bailey Street Apartments

Quiet Hours

The Quiet Hours Policy guarantees individuals privacy and freedom from noise, particularly during the late night, sleeping hours. It is considered a violation of privacy for anyone to cause unreasonable, excessively loud or disturbing noise in the college residence halls during quiet hours.

Weekdays: 10 p.m. – 10 a.m.
Weekends: Midnight – 10 a.m.

Arts practice in college residence hall rooms (i.e., playing music, vocalizing, dancing, juggling, etc.) is discouraged at any time. Arts practice is prohibited before noon and after 8 p.m. in the college residence area – including all public areas, lounges and areas surrounding the residence halls.

One Card

For safety and security reasons, the college residence halls are locked 24 hours a day, and are only accessible with a One-Card.

Residence Halls A-F


  • Single and double occupancy rooms
  • Four doubles and eight single rooms on each floor
  • Resident Assistant lives on each floor
  • Full-time maintenance staff and housekeeping staff
  • A residence hall student council
  • Utilities include a hall phone with local telephone service, basic cable TV service, and Ethernet computer connections (for access to campus network and Internet)
  • In a single room: twin bed (standard length), desk (24” x 42’), chair, dresser and wardrobe, window blinds, sink and mirror
  • In a double room: Each resident will have a twin bed (standard length), desk (24” x 42”), chair, dresser, shared window blinds, sink and mirror, and built-in closet
  • Individual room-controlled heating and cooling units
  • Central laundry room, kitchen and lounge
  • Tile floor


Special Interest Housing

To support the different artistic and wellness needs of our students, there are a variety of housing options.

  • All Female: The third floor of Residence Hall C houses only female students.
  • All Male: The first floor of Residence Hall C houses only male students.
  • Quiet Hours: Students requesting an environment with more stringent quiet hours beyond the regular policy should request the third floor of Residence Hall F. Quiet hours are observed 24 hours a day except for arts practice. Arts practice in rooms will be permitted only from noon to 8 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Eco-Friendly Hall: Focuses on students who share a common “green” interest.
  • Wellness Hall:  Focuses on students who live a substance-free lifestyle.

Bailey Street Apartments


  • Four single bedrooms in each apartment
  • Each apartment has: a living room, kitchen (with major appliances), shower, vanity area and toilet
  • Live-in resident managers
  • Full-time maintenance staff
  • Utilities include local telephone service in each bedroom, basic cable TV access in the living room, and Ethernet computer connections throughout the apartment (for access to campus network and Internet)
  • Each student’s room has: a standard twin bed, desk, dresser and built-in closet space
  • All apartments are air-conditioned and partially carpeted
  • Central laundry room
  • Bed can be lofted