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 High School Life

Welcome to the high school residential program at the University North Carolina School of the Arts! The High School Residence Life program focuses on developing an environment where 224 ninth through twelfth grade artists can live and learn as a community. This program promotes individuality, respect for the community, responsibility, and the value of both individual student and parent involvement.  The Program focuses on student development and meeting as many of the individual needs of this diverse population.  High school students should be able to demonstrate unusual personal discipline and collaborative skills to live in this intense, often self-critical environment. It is not unusual to have three students living in the same room, requiring a great deal of sacrifice, sharing and trust. The High School Residence Life program must involve a high degree of shared parenting, often challenged by distance and time. It is an exciting, passionate environment, and one that should be carefully considered. If you have questions regarding the information provided here, or about other issues relating to High School Residence life, please contact us at 336-770-3281 with any questions.

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