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The following information is a guide to course numbers and course descriptions for the Visual Arts Program. All courses listed may not be offered each year. A list of courses available in any given year may be obtained from the Visual Arts office.

Visual Arts Course Descriptions

VIA 0311, 0312: Design
This studio course is an introduction to the basic elements of design, focusing on the application of these elements in a series of two-dimensional assignments which involve visual problem-solving and graphic decision-making. A variety of black-and-white (and color) media will be used with an emphasis on vocabulary and refinement of craft. Critique sessions are a major component of the course. Students are required to articulate verbally the visual ideas and concepts as they pertain to art and design.

VIA 0321, 0322: Drawing
This course is designed to give first-year students within the Visual Arts Program opportunities to explore various theories and materials involved in drawing.  Assignments and studio exercises will be introduced to develop technical skills and broaden conceptual thinking.  Formal critique sessions as well as frequent class discussions will be vital components of this course.

VIA 0331, 0332: Sculpture
The first year begins with problems in three-dimensional design using paper and other primary materials leading to an introduction to sculpture using plaster, wood and other media. A strong emphasis is placed upon the study and appropriate use of aesthetic and conceptual terminology, as well as an understanding of the names and proper use of basic hand tools.  As the year progresses, the exploration of traditional and non-traditional sculptural media continues and the development of a personal aesthetic and deeper content is emphasized.  The maintenance of a sketchbook is required throughout the year as a tool for aesthetic and conceptual investigation.

VIA 0411, 0412: Advanced Design
A continuation of Level I Design stressing the refinement of technique and further sophistication of form and content. Projects include two- and three-dimensional works in a variety of media including the introduction of light, sound, and space as they relate to visual imagery. Discussions focus on conceptual issues, materials, and the refinement of artistic intent.

VIA 0421, 0422: Advanced Drawing
Through the exploration of both traditional and nontraditional media, surfaces, and approaches in mark making, this course will emphasize the development of individual modes of expression and expand the conventional parameters of what defines a “drawing” in contemporary culture.  Alternative processes, concepts, and influences that have changed how we view drawing as a medium will be explored.  Research, critique sessions, and classroom discussions focusing on aesthetic issues and contemporary artists will also be vital components of this course.

 VIA 0431, 0432: Advanced Sculpture
The course offers students a further exploration of the foundations laid in the first year.  Students are exposed to additional tools, materials and techniques used in creating sculpture such as concrete, bronze, and performance art.  They are expected to have a strong understanding of the fine arts and design vocabulary used in critiques and as a part of a professional career in the arts and to take leadership roles in critiques and presentations.  While experimentation with and the study of current and historical methods and trends in art is required, greater emphasis is placed on the development of a personal aesthetic and technical proficiency as the year progresses.  The maintenance of a sketchbook is required throughout the year as a tool for aesthetic and conceptual investigation. 

VIA 0599: Intensive Arts Projects
Special projects, programs, classes, seminars and performances, developed by the Visual Arts Faculty. These may be either intradisciplinary or interdisciplinary among arts areas and/or academics. Students must enroll in the course once each year they are in attendance at UNCSA. The course will be graded pass/fail.