Official Records Collections

Official University records include the minutes, reports, departmental files, personal and official correspondence, publications, sound and video recordings, programs, photographic materials and other significant records generated in the day-to-day activities of the School. Materials are classified by Record Groups according to the Office, format or medium they represent.

RG 1 Office of the Chancellor
RG 2 Office of the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Arts and Academic Programs
RG 3 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
RG 4 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Development and Public Relations
RG 5 Board of Trustees
RG 6 Foundation Board
RG 7 Board of Visitors
RG 8 Assistants to the Chancellor
RG 9 Office of Admissions
RG 10 Office of Registrar
RG 11 Semans Library
RG 12 Office of Financial Services
RG 13 Office of Human Resources
RG 14 Office of Purchasing
RG 15 Physical Plant/Campus Planning
RG 16 Security
RG 17 Office of Public Relations
RG 18 Contract Services
RG 19 Faculty
RG 20 Faculty Council
RG 21 NCSA Committees
RG 22 Video-Audio Recording Services
RG 23 School of Dance
RG 24 Photograph Collection
RG 25 School of Drama
RG 26 School of Music
RG 27 Publications
RG 28 Office of Vice Chancellor for Student Life
RG 29 General Studies
RG 30 Clippings File
RG 31 Reports
RG 32 Scrapbooks
RG 33 Poster Collection
RG 34 School of Design & Production/Visual Arts
RG 35 Oversize Photographs
RG 36 Faculty Publications
RG 37 Films
RG 38 Video Tapes
RG 39 Audio Tapes
RG 40 Maps
RG 41 Artifacts
RG 42 Blueprints
RG 43 Stevens Center Collection
RG 44 Slide Collection
RG 45 Program Collection
RG 46 Pamphlets/General Literature Collection
RG 47 Oral History Collection
RG 48 School of Filmmaking