[U]NCSA Time Capsule no. 15

February 8th, 2013

The North Carolina Conservatory Committee met for the fourth time fifty years ago (on Jan 25, 1963) and agreed to recommend to the governor the creation of a new school. John Ehle drafted the motion approved at this meeting which Martha Muilenburg, chair, included in her report of February 4 to the governor.

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The minutes indicate the multitude of issues yet to be worked out for the proposed school, but attest to the boldness and dogged determination of certain members to push the school forward. Secretary Ehle’s pithy record of the discussion is a delight to read. Once the vote was in the representatives from Winston Salem, Raleigh and Charlotte quickly weighed in on the advantages of their cities as a possible site.

NCCC MinutesClick on the image above to read the full minutes.

Passionate Preference (p.62) elaborates on Sidney Cone’s (Greensboro) unyielding response to the committee’s vote and McNeil Lowry’s condition for a Ford Foundation grant.

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