[U]NCSA Time Capsule no. 18

March 22nd, 2013

The NC Conservatory Committee met for the fifth and last time on March 15, 1963. Their report which was read and approved by the members at the meeting was submitted to Governor Sanford by the secretary, John Ehle, on March 21, 1963. “The report [which] Sanford endorsed fully and released to the press on March 27, 1963, was therefore both an inspirational and a practical document designed to win support from a heterogeneous body of state representatives, while preparing the way for conciliation of the school’s opponents, many of whom could be expected to influence that body.” (PP, p.68)

The report is included here for your “considerable [reading] pleasure”. You will also find it interesting to peruse Leslie Banner’s comments on the report in A Passionate Preference (pp 66-70).

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NC Conservatory Committee