Do your holdings circulate?
The University Archives is a non-circulating collection open to the UNCSA community and to researchers who are not affiliated with the University.

How do I cite archival materials from the UNCSA Archives?
Citations should include the name of the collection followed by the name of the repository, such as The Gladys Swarthout Collection, University of North Carolina School of the Arts Archives.

I want to donate material relating to the history of the School. How should I proceed?
The Archives collects the permanent records and related materials that document the history of UNCSA, its alumni and affiliates. For more information, please contact the University Archivist.

I want to get a copy of a photograph that is credited to UNCSA. How do I proceed?
Depending on the physical form and condition of the originals, the Archives will provide photographic reproductions of holdings. For more information, review our policy and guide on Copyright and Reproduction.

What is the UNCSA Archives?
The UNCSA Archives is both a repository for records and papers relating to the history of the institution, and an administrative agency serving the needs of university offices. We are a department of the Library.