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Electronic Music Production

In today’s musical climate, utilizing the tremendous power of computers gives the musician a big advantage. Study electronic music production one-on-one with Kevin Timmons, who, in addition to being an accomplished jazz pianist, has been using digital audio workstations (DAWs) like Ableton Live and Apple Logic for the past ten years in various artistic, commercial, and onstage applications.

In these lessons you will quickly learn simple techniques to get started creating music from scratch. As you become more experienced, there are endless possibilities for music creation, including making professional quality recordings all by yourself. If you’ve used more basic programs like Garage Band, you’ll find an easy transition to these more advanced DAWs, which are more comprehensive and offer the unique combination of traditional, linear music production and creative loop-based manipulation of audio and MIDI. Whether producing a track in the studio or performing live onstage or in the practice room, there are endless possibilities for expression, productivity, and fun.

Kevin Timmons’ experience with electronic music includes producing tracks for pop, hip hop, and jazz artists, including Grammy nominee Nnenna Freelon, and creating stage tracks for internationally touring acts. He has also interned at Manifold Recording in Pittsboro, NC, and received instruction at DJ TechTools in San Francisco, CA.

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