Audition Requirements

Audition Requirements

Students auditioning for the Courtenay Wynter Sr. Memorial Jazz Camp should submit auditions via email to Please see audition requirements for each instrument below.


We look forward to hearing you play and want you to have a successful audition and experience. As you play through your audition, we will be listening/watching for the following:

  • Your sound and tone/touch
  • Ability to demonstrate a swing feel
  • Familiarity with jazz vocabulary and repertoire
  • Ability to improvise over chord changes

Video Submissions
Your audition video should be submitted via email to Cameron MacManus (

Audition Requirements by Instrument

Winds, Brass, Voice, Piano, and Bass

Play melody and improve two choruses of a blues in Bb or F, or a jazz standard such as “Take the A Train” or “Blue Bossa.”  Students may play unaccompanied, with an ensemble, or with backing tracks from YouTube or similar sources.  Contact the CMS for suggested backing tracks.


Play 2 choruses of a 32 bar song form unaccompanied, with a straight 8ths Latin feel on the A sections, and a swing feel on the bridge (as in the jazz standard “On Green Dolphin Street”). Tempo may be at the player’s discretion anywhere from 120 and 240 bpm.