Music History for Young Musicians

Music History

Our history courses aim to deepen the student’s appreciation of music by grounding great pieces in the canon of Western music in their historical context, and by introducing and continuing the foundational musical concepts of notation, rhythm, pitch, form and melody to give a fuller understanding of the inner workings of the pieces and of music in general.  

Students will learn how to analyze and listen to pieces of music and will be able to demonstrate the musical concepts discussed within this course.

A love of classical music is only partially a natural response to hearing the works performed, it also must come about by a decision to listen carefully, to pay close attention.

Charles Rosen

Spring 2020 Children's Music Appreciation

Saturdays 10:00 am to 11:00 am
Dates: February 8 to June 6 (16 weeks with Spring Break)
Instructor: Julie Malamut
Location: Gray Building room 121 (main campus)
Cost: $320/semester* (includes workbook)

Summer Session 2020 - From Mario Bros. to Destiny: Changing Soundscapes in Gaming

 Saturdays 10:00 to 10:45

Grades 7 through 10
Instructor: Bruce Tippette
$200/10 weeks

Video game music plays a central role in drawing us into the story of these imaginary worlds.  Just as graphics have become more sophisticated, video game soundtracks have become exponentially more complex from their inception as square waves to its current use of full orchestrations, and everything in between.   This course aims to give a brief overview of video game music’s fascinating evolution during its relatively short existence, including technology, major composers, compositional techniques, and thematic development.  Detailed listening to examples from prominent video game composers and group discussion will be at the center of this exploration. 

Classes meet via Zoom, and students receive recordings of each class meeting for review in case of missed classes.

Summer Session 2020 - Travel Back in Time with The Greats: Exploring History Through Listening and Art

Ages 8-12
Instructor Elena Nezhdanova
$200/10 weeks
Specific weekday class times TBD, based on registration

Class will meet once a week for ten weeks via Zoom. We will focus on five time periods (Renaissance included) in music history and learn about the famous great composers from different countries and cultures. Students will be introduced to musical forms, types of works these composers wrote, listen to selected pieces and draw/paint for each listening example. This class is designed to encourage imagination, creative thinking, learning about the development of classical music and how it reflects in the present day.

Summer Session 2020 - Spotlight on Broadway

Ages 7-10, 11-13
Instructor: Julie Malamut
$200/10 weeks
Specific weekday class times TBD, based on registration

 This engaging class shines a spotlight onto the world of influential Broadway composers and musicals so young Broadway enthusiasts can learn about the creative process and story lines behind treasured songs.  Our ten-week course explores the history, personalities, and cultural context behind the creation of selected famous Broadway musicals appropriate for young audiences.

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