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Percussion & Drums

Percussion lessons are available in both the classical and jazz/popular music fields. The Community Music School’s percussion studios include three drum sets with low volume cymbals and drum heads, marimba, timpani and Latin percussion instruments. Young students may be required to start with rudiments on snare/practice pad before progressing to full drum kit or other percussion instruments.  

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Elementary (6-10yr)

30 -minute private lessons are available for 1st grade students and up in percussion, with teacher approval for younger students. 

Students are also encouraged to enroll in group piano for young beginners and the Children's Chorus to develop musicality. 

Advanced track with teacher approval – up private lessons to 45 minutes or 2x/week, add supplemental 30 minute private piano lessons after or in place of group piano.

Middle (11-13yr)

45-minute private lessons are available in percussion.

Students in the 6th grade will complete their final year of choral ensemble. Students in the 7th grade and above should be enrolled in Music Theory and Ear Training.

Advanced Track: 2x week 45 min. lessons or 1x/week 60 minute lessons, 45 minute supplementary private lessons (piano), ensemble

High (14-18yr)

60-minute private lessons are available in percussion.

45-minute piano lessons are encouraged for students to supplement their music education. 

Students should also be enrolled in Music Theory and Ear Training. 

Advanced Track: 2x/week 60 minute lessons, 45 minute supplementary piano, theory, or composition lessons, ensemble

Adult (18+)

45 to 60-minute private lessons are available in percussion.

Beginner adults are encouraged to enroll in Group Piano for Adult Beginners, but it is not required. 

All adult students should be enrolled in Music Theory and Ear Training. 


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