Dance Costume Shop

Dance Costume Shop

The UNCSA Dance Costume Shop is the professional costume shop of the School of Dance. Providing our students and our audience members the opportunity to experience the splendor of exemplary dance costumes is our passion.

Our costume stock includes the re-constructions of classic pieces from Balanchine to Cunningham which are often requested for rental by pre-professional dance schools and professional companies around the country. Please see a selection of our available costume rentals below.

Costume Rental Packages


Sleeping Beauty - Act III
Swan Lake - Act II, III
La Bayadere “Shades”
Les Sylphides
Don Quixote
Salute - Koburg
Steadfast Tin Soldier - Balanchine
Serenade - Balanchine
Symphonie Concertante - Balanchine
Allegro Brilliante - Balanchine
Valse Fantasie - Balanchine
LaSource - Balanchine
Rubies - Balanchine
Symphonic Variations - Ashton
Les Pantineurs - Ashton
Birthday Offering - Ashton


Happy Little Things - Barton
Choreographic Offering - Limón
Concerto Grosso - Limón
Beachbirds - Cunningham
Change of Address - Cunningham
Sounddance - Cunningham
Duets - Cunningham
Duets - Forsyth
Dead Man - Bill T. Jones
Rite of Spring - Shen Wei
Douce Coupe - Tharp
Rodeo - Agnes DeMille

Please submit an email inquiry to receive further information.

The Dance Costume Shop is open during the school year, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Marissa McCullough
Wardrobe Supervisor
(336) 770-3211