Welcome From Dean Kelley

Welcome From Dean Kelley

Welcome from the UNCSA School of Design and Production.

My name is Michael J. Kelley, Dean and alum of Design and Production, and I encourage you to make yourself at home as you explore the multitude of disciplines UNCSA has offered for over five decades. I believe that your natural gifts, combined with an education from the School of Design and Production at UNCSA, will propel you to the very highest levels. 

If you seek to learn and perfect the skills that will land you the possibility of an amazing career, this is the place to begin. At all levels of high school, college and graduate, our students emerge equipped with prolific design and construction skills that give the School of Design and Production the reputation it has earned and deserves. You will study with faculty and guest artist of the highest caliber, who successfully guide students to achieve their dreams of working in all aspects of creative artistic expression and production. You will learn the history of your craft, as well as the newest and most exciting technologies being used. And UNCSA education often brings potential for travel to all corners of the globe, and opportunities for true innovation as the world expands and grows only to require new and fresh ideas. 

UNCSA Design and Production is a state-of-the art school, with a rich history, proudly thriving here in beautiful Winston-Salem, NC, a community that supports every endeavor the school brings forth. We celebrate all of our alumni, including those who found that their unique gifts were better applied to careers in other fields. After all, “Art is not a thing, it is a way.” ~Elbert Hubbard.

I invite you to join us and discover how to recognize your abilities and obtain the tools you’ll need to become an artist and a leader.

Best Regards,
Michael J. Kelley, Dean
UNCSA School of Design and Production