Andrew Pfeiffer

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Andrew Pfeiffer

Andrew Arden Pfeiffer began his formal training in Piano Performance at the age of twelve. He received his Bachelors of Music from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2010 and his Masters of Music from UNCSA in 2014.

Andrew has many years experience as a private lesson instructor to students of all ages. He has held university teaching positions at Hampton University, accompanied dance courses at Old Dominion University, and served as the principle accompanist of the Yorktown Symphony Orchestra.

The piano is a demanding instrument for a multitude of reasons. My favorite being that one of its more challenging aspects is to make it sound like it is not the percussion instrument that it technically is. The great pianists and any student who genuinely strives towards its mastery must attempt to make it sound like it is not a piano at all but instead a cello, a violin, a brass instrument or even the human voice. As artists, we must create a story or at least a feeling or mood in everything that we play and that can only be done by making it 'sing'!

Andrew Pfeiffer



B.M.Virginia Commonwealth University