Howard Jones

Director of Scenic Art & Scene PaintingSchool of Design and Production
O: 336-734-2925
Howard Jones

One foundation that I start whether I am teaching undergraduate students or graduate students is a common language for basic techniques. From that foundation of the tools and techniques we can develop new techniques for the student's tool box. It also gives them a way to start talk about the process of painting a show and being able to lead their crews.

Curiosity and exploration are importance for a well rounded scenic artist. Part chemist, part draftsperson, part color mixer and a large portion of drive and passion can take a scenic artist a long way in their career.

Career Highlights
  • I designed Giselle for the New Zealand Royal Ballet and the Opera National of Bucharest.  Those projects allowed me to explore New Zealand and Romania in the workshop and as a tourist.
  • I was awarded the Elliott Norton Outstanding Scene Design for a body of work as a designer in the Boston area.
  • I worked as a painter and scene designer for 10 years at Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri. I had always dreamed of working there since I saw my first musical as a child with my grandmother.
  • Rachel Keebler and I opened Cobalt Studios in New York.  It is a unique studio combining a freelance commission work and seminar style classes for the students.  The studio was recognized in 2013 with the Excellence in Education Award at the USITT National Conference.
  • I was recognized with an Honorable Mention for my design of Hedda Gabbler presented at Triad Stage in Greensboro, North Carolina.
  • Little did I know when I designed and painted my first Nutcracker in 1982 that it would continue to be a main stay in my career.  At this point I have designed and painted 10 productions including the Chicago Tribune production designed by Jose Varona.