Melissa MacLeod

Literature, WritingDivision of Liberal Arts

Melissa MacLeod

Melissa MacLeod teaches literature and writing courses in UNCSA's Division of Liberal Arts. She encourages a relaxed, non-judgmental environment, where students can talk openly about their experiences. She draws their attention to how what they discuss relates to them personally, which inspires them to make connections more readily. She incorporates discussion of all of the arts—viewing, listening, or making it in the classroom—while questioning the creative process, encouraging students to reflect on themselves as artists and their processes.

An artist who understands the wider global community also understands their value within it and will be able to defend their worth, moving forward with confidence and increasing influence in and beyond the arts.

Awards, Recognitions and Honors

  • Melanie Hook Rice Award in Fiction 


MFAHollins University

BASalem College