Tanya Belov

The actor’s process is very unique to each actor. It is important to unlock the individual talent and gifts of each student-actor. By helping students identify their strengths and challenges, I aid them in develop their creative potential. An actor's work is never done but my hope is that by fostering a flexible, imaginative, and fearless actor process, the student will be armed for a profession that is abundantly competitive.

I inspire students by being honest with them and sharing my love for the art of acting. We are blessed to be artists but it is also a responsibility. Therefore, I encourage them to find ways that they can maximize their potential while accepting the responsibility of their talents.

Career Highlights

  • First prize recipient as a woman comedian (Professional Competition in USSR). I opened the door for the women of this genre in Russia!
  • As an actress: The Moscow Eccentric Theatre, Moscow State Music Hall Company, Theatre for The New City (New York), Contemporary Clown Drama (United States).
  • Master Teacher for the MFA program at The National Theatre Conservatory; Duke University; Case Western Reserve University; and UNCSA.
  • Creator of the international exchange program between UNCSA and Moscow Art Theatre School.
  • As a director: Cloud 9 (Churchill); Servant of Two Masters (Goldoni); The Seagull (Chekhov); Three More Sleepless Nights (Churchill). Work was reviewed by leading newspapers in USSR and US.
  • Recipient of the Outstanding Teacher Award 2015 for the UNCSA School Of Drama.