Creative Catalyst Initiative

Creative Catalyst Initiative

Artists are trained to defy expectations through their art works and—even more powerfully—through their creative perspectives.

Over the past 25 years, the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts has contributed to the positive impact of artists by supporting their innovative work within creative fields and in the broader contexts of education reform as well as community and economic development. It is vital to continue to invest in the next generation of artist leaders to help them respond to the complex challenges and emerging opportunities of our time.

The Institute’s Creative Catalyst Initiative is a five-year strategic plan that creatively blends the arts, enterprise and innovation to positively impact the lives and careers of arts school graduates across the Southeast. Each of its three programmatic themesCreative Leaders, Creative Campus and Creative Community—features programs and projects that provide extraordinary training and access for artists to develop and achieve their highest potential.

2018-2022 STRATEGIC PLAN booklet  

Creative Campus Grants

These grants give UNCSA faculty extraordinary opportunities to explore new approaches to creative learning challenges; impact student learning outcomes; foster the capacity of faculty to lead; engage diverse stakeholders; and produce creative ideas, analysis, strategies and initiatives for further study or implementation. Grants are used to develop and implement innovative ideas that advance creative learning on campus and beyond.