Artivate Summit 2020 Art + Healing

A virtual experience

SEPTEMBER 15-16, 2020

Join us from anywhere in the world!

Build connections. Be Inspired. 
Explore how ARTISTS + HEALERS are forging a new future, together. 

Registration opens July 13!

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Artivate 2020 will be a practice-based Summit that inspires inquiry around the integration of the arts, science, spirituality and human wellness.


artist leadership

How can artists promote community healing and adapt their practices to a changing world?


creative entrepreneurship

In what ways can artists create value in the worlds of health + spirituality?


arts innovation

How can arts practices lead to new knowledge and effect positive change?


call for proposals

Head with Imagination Burst

We seek session proposals that will generate fresh and surprising connections between the arts and other disciplines, as well as the wider community, through energizing workshops, immersive arts experiences, networking and mentoring. We invite session proposals that activate, teach and inspire participants to become artist leaders, innovators and cross-practice collaborators.

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