Bring Back Play – Inviting Fun, Joy, and Lightness Into Your Life

People having fun at work

Imagine a culture in your workplace, even if you work alone, where you allowed yourself to play. What if in addition to having fun, it helped you to be more creative? What if it inspired you to try something new in your business? 

Unfortunately, all too often, we work in environments that are results-driven, intense and filled with deadline pressure. That high-achieving culture can lead to burnout! If the company’s greatest asset is its people, then fostering a culture that incorporates fun, joy, and lightness into the workforce might just be the key to keeping the best people while charging them up to deliver those awesome results at the same time! 

Why play?

At Artivate this year, the FUJOLI team introduced and shared their mission to use fun, joy, and light, a.k.a. play, to uplift and change the corporate, “all business” culture that exists in business today. Their mission is to help leaders of all kinds use play to inspire new ways of leading, communicating and connecting as well as inspire creativity and innovation! Katrin Windsor, FUJOLI founder and president, took her wealth of knowledge and experiences working globally in the corporate world, and created PlayLab activities that teach leaders and players how to pull back on the throttle, and increase the play in order to build a better, more productive, joyful workplace environment. We could all learn a lot from this group of innovators who encourage us to use FUN, JOY, and LIGHT to make our work and our personal lives happier and more productive.

The benefits of play?

Fun video conference call

When we were little children, most everything that we learned about the world was through play. We were taught about sharing, about losing, about effort and gain. We learned to create and be creative. Remember the hours with Erector sets, Legos, Playdoh, Barbies, and Light Bright! Why do we stop playing when it has so many benefits? 

We can learn a lot from observing adult animals in nature. There are a number of species that use play to teach, to grow, to live. Whales teach their babies to swim through play. Dolphins are one of the most playful species. Scientists at who have studied dolphins agree that play affords them opportunities to socialize, to connect, “to create novel experiences for themselves and their playmates under relatively safe conditions.” 

Pandas, even the adult ones, are constantly at play. Have you watched your adult dogs and cats at play? They are happier, healthier, and more relaxed after a good romp. It only stands to reason that we could learn from other species to evolve and develop behaviors that improve our home and work lives.

The benefits of adult play:

Try It!

The Creative Catalyst Initiative recently hosted a FUJOLI Stress Buster workshop. Below is a recording of the Zoom Webinar session. This session is certain to help you: