How To Have a Perfectly Productive Day

Photo of people sitting on the floor working on their computers

Take a moment to think of that one perfect work day. You stayed on schedule and your creativity flowed effortlessly. Each of your priorities were met. And, to top it off, at the end of the day, you had time to relax with the things and people you love. What if you could turn that one perfect day into many perfect days? 

Know thyself

One of the most important steps to becoming more productive is knowing yourself. You have to know your weaknesses and your strengths that contribute to productivity. 

Answering these questions will help:

Take a moment after a perfect day to reflect on what helped you to be more productive.
Examine the environment, the events, the little things that you did or that happened that you can recreate over and over for more productive days. 

And remember, leaving time and room for the uncontrollable situations in life (mom stopping by) will do wonders to save the day and keep you sane.

Keep new ideas flowing to maximize continuity

Even when you are in the weeds with a new project, it’s helpful to ideate for future projects. By continuing to brainstorm and record new ideas you will eliminate long pauses in production between projects. Each artist has their favorite way to generate and record new ideas; here are a few:

Create a Concrete Plan (oh, and stick to it!) 

Many creatives like to go with the flow. Unfortunately, the flow can cause people to be less productive than they would be if they planned out their days, weeks, and months. It doesn't mean that you have to chisel them out in stone, but having a plan will help you to stay focused, meet deadlines, and be more productive (which leads to less stress and better mental health).

Start by prioritizing on a weekly basis, then daily. Here's how:

*Do not put so many tasks on your daily plate that you end up frustrated, and if possible, try to break up tedious tasks over multiple days.

HOT TIPS for Planning:  

Hit a Roadblock?  

Creative roadblocks really are a thing and boy do they put a stop to productivity! 

Fortunately, there are a number of different ways to get the juices flowing!

When all else fails - back to the (productivity) basics!

Take care of business

Finally, choose a daily designated time to handle the business side of your artistic endeavors. Select a time when you are less creative, maybe right when you get up, or right after lunch, or towards the end of the work day. Just don’t leave it for later because it will end up creeping into your creative time, and no one wants that!

If you can afford to, consider outsourcing some of the tasks you like the least.  It could pay for itself in reduced stress and increased productivity to not have “the books” hanging over your head.

If a perfect productive work day seems more like an enigma than a norm, it is time to change how you are doing things. It is not only possible to be more productive — it’s a surefire way to more creativity and success!


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