Creative Catalyst Fellowship

creative catalyst FELLOWSHIP in community engagement
Winston-Salem, N.C.
Application Deadline
April 30, 2021
fellowship duration
Six-month fellowship,
beginning July 2021
20-25 hours a week


job description

The Creative Catalyst Fellow in Community Engagement at MIXXER will establish, develop, and maintain relationships with organizations and community leaders and Community Partner Organizations (CPOs) that serve the Winston-Salem metro area in the areas of racial equity, social mobility and education for underserved communities, and assisting with basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, etc.

Duties Include

Community Partnerships: Assist in the development and implementation of strategic plans to build, encourage, and moderate partnerships with schools, universities, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and corporations. Previously, a Kenan Fellow assisted in the development of our current outreach program called THRIVE! This program is intended to adapt to the changing landscape of the conditions we are trying to impact.

Current Goals Include:

  1. Maintain relationships with current Community Partner Organizations (CPOs)
  2. The fellow will attend neighborhood association meetings as well as other community meetings where appropriate.
  3. Host monthly meetings for CPOs and some of the people they serve to visit Mixxer and engage in conversation over lunch.
  4. Identify community leaders and learn how Mixxer can support their work.
  5. Seek opportunities to enroll people met through THRIVE! into our other programs such as adult classes and our 6th - 12th grade STEAM Program.

Foster a collaborative, open, and innovative culture at Mixxer. Support the Mixxer team to facilitate other organizational programming and projects through the makerspace as needed. Design, test, and iterate incentive programs to maintain and grow community participation and engagement, specifically for people served by THRIVE!. Manage and respond to inquiries by community members. Inquiries could come in-person, by social media, email, or during outreach opportunities at meetings.

Data Management: Organization of data regarding community events, partnerships, and program participants. This data to be used as internal benchmarks and goal-setting as well as grant applications. Design and maintain a database in Mixxer’s Google Drive used for measuring impact and effectiveness of community outreach.

Other Duties as Assigned: MIXXER, by design, is a collaborative environment. Employees may be asked to perform duties to maintain efficient operation, or meet a specific need.


Demonstrate an ability for maintaining a professional comportment while interacting with CPOs and their clients, members, staff, students, and visitors. Excellent organizational skills. Demonstrate expertise using a wide array of computer software including Word, Excel, G-Suite applications, and the ability to transfer data across platforms and adapt to changing technology. Excellent communication and creative writing skills. Keen attention to detail.

As a Creative Catalyst Fellow, you have demonstrated knowledge in a creative field. Mixxer wants to help and encourage you to find ways to use those talents in performing in this fellowship position. Be creative!


Contract Employment Period

This position is a 6-month contract term, starting July 1, 2021, with a possible 6-month extension based on the candidate’s job performance and the ability of Mixxer to secure additional funding.

Reporting of Hours Worked: Maintaining a timesheet that lists each day of the week, date, and start and end times, including any breaks for lunch or personal time for each day of work is the responsibility of each employee. Our work week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. This timesheet must be delivered by email to the Executive Director no later than Monday of the week after each two-week period. Payroll will be processed in the week that it is submitted and transferred by direct deposit within 5 business days.

Pay Periods: Paychecks are managed by an outside service provider and transferred by Direct Deposit on a bi-weekly schedule. Our work week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. Reporting of hours worked for the previous two-week period should be delivered to the Executive Director no later than Monday in order for payroll to be processed by Friday of that week. Your first direct-deposit should transpire within 3 weeks of your start date. At some point you may be directed to report your hours worked to another responsible party, such as an outsourced accounting service. In the event of a holiday interfering with this schedule, an attempt will be made to maintain the regular pay schedule but may require a deviation that could possibly delay the direct-deposit by one business day.

About Creative Catalyst Fellowships

Creative Catalyst Fellowships, in partnership with the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts at UNC School of the Arts, are highly competitive, paid fellowships that advance artist leadership through skill-building, mentoring, and community of practice; strengthen creative community networks to better address regional gaps; foster systemic approaches to increase access, inclusion and equity; and embrace participation and exchange across the creative sector.  Creative Catalyst Fellows will also gain access to educational and community-building opportunities.