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Creative Catalyst Fellowship

creative catalyst FELLOWSHIP in community engagement
Winston-Salem, N.C.
Application Deadline
April 17, 2020
fellowship duration
Six-month fellowship,
beginning June 2020 (tentative)


MIXXER, in partnership with the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts, is seeking a Creative Catalyst Fellow to work in community engagement in establishing and developing relationships with organizations and community leaders in the Boston Thurmond neighborhood.


MIXXER is a community maker space for technology and fabrication enthusiasts. A place where electronies meets welding, meets lasers, meets software, meets artist. An exploratory where craftors collaborate to make cool stuff with a mission to provide safe, inclusive, and well-equipped space, with the tools necessary to enable our communities to invest, tinker, design, protype, innovate, and create, limited only by imagination.

For more information, visit wsmixxer.org.

About Creative Catalyst Fellowships

Creative Catalyst Fellowships advance artist leadership through skill-building, mentoring, and community of practice; strengthen creative community networks to better address regional gaps; foster systemic approaches to increase access, inclusion and equity; and embrace participation and exchange across the creative sector.  These highly competitive, paid fellowships will support the next generation of artist leaders. Creative Catalyst Fellows will gain access to year-long educational and community building opportunities, including an online certificate program, mentoring and networking, as well as participation in the annual Artivate Summit in Winston-Salem, NC on September 13-15, 2020.

All registration and travel expenses for the Certificate and Artivate are covered in the fellowship and are at no additional cost to the Fellow.

Fellowship Description + Responsibilities

Community Partnerships: Assist in the development and implementation of strategic plans to build, encourage, and moderate partnerships with schools, universities, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and corporations. Boston Thurmond is home to many great community-focused nonprofits like Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods, Habitat for Humanity, and Love Out Loud. In order to be a valuable community partner, we must understand how we can support those already serving Boston Thurmond.

Specific goals include:

  1. Partner with Love out Loud and Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods, two organizations already doing excellent work in Boston Thurmond.
  2. The fellow will attend all neighborhood association meetings as well as other community meetings where appropriate.
  3. Host quarterly meetings for residents of Boston Thurmond to visit Mixxer. These may be volunteer opportunities, information sessions, or simply a chance to meet and get to know each other.
  4. Identify community leaders and learn how Mixxer can support their work.
  5. Support our other programs such as adult classes and our 6th-12th grade STEAM Program.

Foster a collaborative, open, and innovative culture at Mixxer. 
Support the Mixxer team to facilitate other organizational programming and projects through the makerspace as needed. Design, test, and iterate incentive programs to maintain and grow community participation and engagement, specifically for residents in Boston Thurmond. Manage and respond to inquiries by community members. Inquiries could come in-person, by social media, email, or during outreach opportunities at meetings. 

Data Management: Organization of data regarding community events, partnerships, and members. This data to be used as internal benchmarks and goal-setting as well as grant applications. Design and maintain database used for measuring impact and effectiveness of community outreach.

Other Duties as Assigned: MIXXER is currently in an early stage of development. MIXXER, by design, is a collaborative environment. Employees may be asked to perform duties to maintain efficient operation, or meet a specific need.

Qualifications + Skills

MIXXER Hours of Operation