Creative Community Lab Space Use Guidelines


The Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts at UNC School of the Arts controls the use of the Creative Community Lab. The Lab is intended to be used for events that are programmatic in scope and that align with the strategic missions of the Kenan Institute and UNCSA.

UNCSA faculty and guest artists may request to use the Creative Community Lab for events, meetings, and brainstorming sessions that fulfill the mission of the space.

Students may not use the Lab without supervision by faculty or staff, unless otherwise approved by the Kenan Institute. Faculty and staff should not hold meetings with individual students at the Lab, but should use the space for group interactions only.

The Creative Community Lab encourages the free exchange of ideas, opinions, and beliefs by the participants and guests in Lab activities and programs.  Expressions by participants and guests, in any form, do not represent the policy or position of the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts or the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

COVID-19 Guidelines

All users and visitors to the space must adhere to the UNCSA Together Community Health Standards. Mask wearing is optional for all faculty, staff, students and patrons as of March 7. Please do not enter Creative Community Lab if you are sick with any illness.


Events and meetings may be scheduled during the Creative Community Lab’s operating hours of 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Events and meetings outside of these hours may be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Creative Community Lab follows the holiday schedule of the UNC School of the Arts and is not available during scheduled holiday breaks for campus staff and administrators.

All resident and non-resident events or meetings with more than five participants must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.

The Lab is equipped with a monitored security system. Each Lab resident will be issued a personal security code to access the space.


There are four main meeting spaces available.

  • The front gallery can be arranged to accommodate 18-20 individuals seated at either two separate or one continuous table.
  • The rear lounge has two seating areas: one features two counter-height tables and the other includes a conversational seating arrangement.
  • The “Blue Sky” room can be arranged to accommodate 6 to 8 individuals seated at either two separate or one continuous table and features wall-to-wall pin-up space.
  • The breakout room can accommodate 4 to 6 people in a relaxed conversational arrangement.

Resources and services

Wall monitors are available in the front space and one breakout room for presentations. Computers can be connected via an HDMI cable (provided), or Mac users (laptops + handheld devices) can connect to the monitors wirelessly via AirPlay/AppleTV.

Wireless internet is available for all gatherings and meetings.

There are a variety of pin-up spaces available for all Lab guests. However, we request that guests provide their own flip charts and markers.

Guest hosts should print all materials before arriving at the Lab. Printing onsite will only be available for TSKIA-sponsored Lab residents.

Kenan Arts Research Fellows will receive an allotment of resources, to be outlined in their contract.

Food & Catering

Food and non-alcoholic drinks are permitted, though all catered events must be approved by Kenan Institute staff at least ten days prior to the event.  

Aramark at UNC School of the Arts is the official caterer for the Lab, and handles delivery and clean-up. Users may choose another catering service, upon approval by Kenan Institute staff, but will be responsible for all coordination of delivery, set-up, and clean-up, including trash and recycling removal.

Alcohol use may be approved on a case-by-case basis; if approved, events must follow UNCSA’s alcoholic beverage policy.

No individual coffee or tea pots are allowed in the Lab public space or private offices. Coffee shops, including Camino Bakery and Twin City Hive, are within walking distance of the Lab. Both shops also offer carafes of coffee for larger meetings.

Food may not be stored in the Lab refrigerator overnight.

Residents and event hosts are expected to clean up after themselves. Dishes used should be washed and put away. Food should be disposed of in the dumpster behind the building or removed from the facility at the end of the day. A housekeeping fee may be incurred if additional services must be arranged.

Who can use the Creative Community Lab?

  • Center for Creative Economy
  • Kenan Arts Research Fellows
  • Arts Enterprise Lab members
  • UNCSA faculty and guest artists
  • Invited community members and partner organizations

How can the space be used? 

  • Office space for Kenan Arts Research Fellows throughout their grant term
  • Meetings/programmatic events/ideation
  • UNCSA class presentations or culminating events (no regular class meetings)

When can the space be scheduled?

  • Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Events outside of these hours are handled on a case-by-case basis

For scheduling space in the Creative Community Lab, contact E'laina Barron at or 336-770-1432.