2017 Kenan Institute fellowship and internship award recipients

The Career Pathways Initiative at UNCSA is a program of the Kenan Institute for the Arts that strengthens the arts by supporting innovative partnerships, research, and technological solutions that help create more impactful, equitable, sustainable and diverse career paths in the arts sector and beyond. 

The 2017 recipients of the Kenan Fellowships and Internships are: 

Kenan Postgraduate (Fifth-Year) Fellowship at UNCSA
The Post-Graduate (Fifth-Year) Fellowship at UNCSA is a professional development program allowing recent graduates of undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs to remain on campus for one academic year following the completion of their degree.

  • Nicole Wendl, School of Music (MM Violin)
  • Kendra Harding, Office of Career Development and Community Engagement (MM Music Composition)

Kenan Portable Internships
The Kenan Portable Internship allows rising seniors, graduate students and recent alumni to design a creative, 6- to 10-week-long summer internship with arts organizations or professionals within the United States.

  • Yasha Borodetsky (PAC Music Performance, Violin)
  • Garrett Parker (BFA Contemporary Dance)
  • Nicholas Rich (MFA Music Composition)

Kenan Fellowship at Lincoln Center Education
New York, N.Y.
The William R. Kenan Jr. Fellowship at Lincoln Center Education (formerly Lincoln Center Institute) seeks to provide emerging artists with knowledge of aesthetic education that will prepare them for work as artists in the field of arts and education.  

  • Ariel Blake (BFA Drama)
  • Nia Franklin (MFA Music Composition)
  • Anthony Jenkins (BFA Drama) 
  • Eli Kaynor (MFA & PAC Cello Performance)
  • Chessa Metz (BFA Drama)
  • Dylan Ward (BFA Saxaphone Performance)

Kenan Fellowship at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Washington, D.C.
The William R. Kenan Jr. Fellowship at The Kennedy Center seeks to provide emerging theater artists with a wide variety of experiences bridging their academic training with the professional theater world.

  • Evan Cook (BFA Sound Design)
  • Hallie Cooper (BFA Drama)
  • Amy MacDonald (BFA Costume Design & Technology)
  • Robyn Rikoon (BFA Drama)

Kenan Fellowship at WGBH
Boston, Mass.
Fellowships at WGBH provide opportunities to School of Filmmaking students at the UNC School of the Arts to gain hands-on experience during the production of the "Pinkalicious & Peterrific" pilot for PBS KIDS, based on the bestselling "Pinkalicious" books, written by Victoria Kann.

  • Gavin Lankford (BFA Film Animation)

Kenan Fellowship at Penland School of Crafts
Penland, N.C.
Fellowships at Penland School of Crafts are awarded to recent alumni of UNCSA's Visual Arts High School Program. This program brings a Penland visiting artist to UNCSA each year for a lecture and workshop, and provides emerging artists with opportunities to attend intensive summer workshops and studio classes at the Penland School of Crafts in Penland, N.C.

  • Bailey Powell
  • Sadie Cornette Cook
  • Grace Gittleman
  • Hunter Schafer
  • Jack Covitz
  • Silas Waller
  • Suzanna Haydt
  • Mol Mir
  • Bella Carlos
  • Emerald Bender

Kenan Fellowship at A Contemporary Theatre (ACT)
Seattle, Wash.
The Kenan Directing Fellowship at ACT – A Contemporary Theatre in Seattle – provides practical knowledge and experience to recent graduates of the School of Drama at the UNC School of the Arts who are embarking on a career in regional theatre. 

  • Nicole Franco (BFA Drama)
  • Emmet Temple (BFA Drama)

Kenan Internships at Spoleto Festival USA
Charleston, S.C.
Internships are provided to emerging artists from the UNC School of the Arts to provide practical knowledge and experience as professional artists embarking on careers in design and production. 

  • Javier Calderon (Senior, Design & Production)
  • Michael Capretta (Senior, Design & Production)
  • Paula Escobar (Senior, Design & Production)
  • Indy Karmi (HS Contemporary Dance)

Kenan Fellowships at Aspen Music Festival and School
Aspen, Colo.
Fellowships are awarded to music students to attend the Aspen Music Festival and School in Colorado for eight weeks during the summer.

  • Benjamin Maxwell (HS, Cello)
  • Zoe Johnson (Fletcher Institute, Soprano)