Past Projects

For over 20 years, the Kenan Institute for the Arts has been committed to promoting creative leadership and innovation in the arts through partnerships, programs and initiatives.  The following list of programs and projects represent our history in exploring exciting trends, connecting with innovative arts leaders and positively impacting the public’s understanding and appreciation of the arts.

A+ School Program
A comprehensive school reform begun in 1994 that views the arts as fundamental to how teachers teach and how students learn in all subjects. 

Artists Contributing to Civic and Responsive Democracy (ACCORD) partnered young, emerging artists with local nonprofits and governmental agencies to address community needs and issues related to culture, identity and inequity.

An initiative inspired by artists and scholars who efface the lines between "the arts" and the "STEM" disciplines of science, engineering, technology and mathematics, bringing UNCSA faculty together with public school educators for seminars and creative teaching collaborations and programming.

BREATHE Faculty Professional Development at UNCSA
For UNCSA teaching artist faculty to design collaborative, multi-disciplinary summer intensive projects that would stimulate course and curriculum development within and across schools and programs at UNCSA.

Conservatory Leadership Conference
The Kenan Institute and UNCSA hosted the first national conference of conservatory leaders in 2002, with a second convening taking place in 2007. 

Educational Outreach and Summer Programs
Development of a unique set of non-credit courses and workshops to be offered through the UNCSA Office of Educational Outreach and Summer Programs beginning in summer 2012. Plans include courses offered in partnership with nationally recognized artists and arts organizations; courses developed by UNCSA alumni, where they would teach while developing final performances; and directed-focus courses, addressing specific needs such as business skills for artists and teaching artist training. 

Dance Collaborations: Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company
An unprecedented workshop focused on collaborative and creative methods for choreographers and dancers on the campus of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) in August 1-5, 2011.

Dialogues: Conversations with Guest Artists
Events focusing on conversations with guest artists who visited the UNCSA campus to work directly with young artists in training, sharing their experience and knowledge of the profession from the standpoint of a working professional. 

Directors Program at UNC-TV 
A partnership with UNCSA, matched by a grant from the A.J. Fletcher Foundation, that engaged professional directors to work with students and faculty to do live filming of campus productions for UNC-TV broadcasts, allowing students to experience the television production process with a major broadcast station.

Kenan Writers' Encounters
A series of special events at UNCSA that brought renowned and emerging writers, artists and thinkers to innovative forums that focused on a variety of topics. 

Lincoln Center Institute International Educator Workshop 
The Kenan Institute for the Arts, the North Carolina Arts Council (NCAC), and the Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts in Education (LCI) presented the second southeastern regional LCI International Educator Workshop on the UNCSA campus on August 1-5, 2011.

LINKS Commissioning Project
In partnership with the UNCSA School of Music, four commissioned pieces were presented in world premiere performances on campus during 2009-2010.

Magnolia Baroque Festival
A biannual festival held at UNCSA and venues in Winston-Salem, featuring world-class performers of Baroque music in glorious concerts of some of the most beloved music of all time.

A Music National Service Initiative that provided outreach opportunities for UNCSA students to take part in community-based public service projects, serving as teachers and mentors in low-performing public schools, youth centers, hospitals, and other high-need community settings.

Oklahoma! Web Series
See the Oklahoma Web Series
An 8-episode web series documenting the history of Oklahoma!, alongside UNCSA 's 2011 production of this landmark work in the American musical theatre repertoire.

Open Dream Ensemble
A professional outreach program which brought the power of original live performances that integrated theater, dance and music to K-8 students across the southeast.

Random Dance
Wayne McGregor/Random Dance brought the choreographic teaching tools of the multi-award winning choreographer Wayne McGregor to UNCSA. One hundred School of Dance students participated in the project and co-created choreography for the UNCSA Winter Dance Program. 

Teaching and Learning Center at UNCSA 
Working closely with the UNCSA Provost's Office, a new Teaching and Learning Center headed by interim director Joe Lopina is being created to advance and enhance the work of UNCSA's world-class faculty with a focus on supporting engaged teaching, creative activity and research, while providing a structure for collaborative efforts between faculty members in sharing their learning experiences and research methods within different departments.

UNCSA Southeastern Regional Entertainment Technology Conference
A conference in collaboration with the UNCSA School of Design and Production, featuring Cirque du Soleil's Resident Shows Division and their business partners with demonstrations of Cirque's cutting-edge automation techniques, rigging, show operations, digital projection, wardrobe/wig/makeup, and audio system.