Lab Membership

Lab Membership

Membership in the Media and Emerging Technology Lab (METL) is designed to yield immediate benefits and return on investment and it is tailored to fit your interests, needs, and appetite for engagement. All memberships include access to member only lab events, discounts to industry events and conferences, and access to the lab’s extensive network of companies, investors and talent.

Contact Ryan Schmaltz for all membership inquiries.

Corporate Memberships

Corporate memberships are designed for large corporations to growth stage startups. Three membership tiers are designed to fit your organization’s needs and appetite for engagement. Membership benefits include:

  • Corporate project for production, R&D testing
  • Access to cutting-edge production environment
  • Collaboration with world-class faculty and students
  • Confidential offsite development

Associate Tier

Benefits include:

  • Access to members only events
  • Discounts to industry events/conferences
  • Student recruitment 

Corporate Tier

Benefits include everything available to Associates, plus:

  • Access to academic network (faculty & researchers)
  • Priority discounted or free access to educational programming
  • Seat and voting right on Member Advisory Board
  • Lab/Member project commitment

Strategic Tier

Benefits include everything available to Associate and Corporate partners, plus:

  • Streamlined access to technology transfer for multiple NC universities
  • Annual full corporate membership to VR/AR Association
  • Bookable meeting space for industry/company meetings

Individual Memberships

Individual memberships are designed for professional development, networking and collaboration. Members include executives, entrepreneurs, investors and academia. Membership benefits include:

  • Regular meetups, networking opportunities and lab events
  • Discounts to professional development programming
  • Influence the lab’s direction