Letter from Artistic Director Nic Muni

Letter from Artistic Director Nic Muni

Dear Prospective A.J. Fletcher Fellow,

The A.J. Fletcher Opera Institute is dedicated to in-depth training. If you seek an intimate program where you will receive personal attention every single day, are guaranteed roles in productions and if you thrive in an environment that is intense and focused, then the A.J. Fletcher Opera Institute may be the right place for you. If you are eager to advance your craft and develop your artistry in a no-nonsense, positive atmosphere and if you are genuinely interested in applying yourself using a professional work ethic, then you should take a serious look at our program.

Some young artists are tempted by the hustle-bustle of a large program or a program in a major city—with the attendant pressures, politics, stress and potential burnout. That’s not us. We offer many things you may not find in a large school or metropolis: a tranquil, supportive arts colony located in a lovely, lively, medium-sized city with excellent access to the rest of the country by way of several nearby international airports. In short, the A.J. Fletcher Opera Institute will enable you to take artistic risks in safety, advance your craft without distractions and discover who you really are as an artist.

I invite you to explore what we have to offer and, in any case, I wish you all the best in pursuing a career in the challenging and rewarding field of opera!

Nic Muni, Artistic Director
A.J. Fletcher Opera Institute