February 22, 2014

For this program, nu tackled the newest repertoire possible: music by UNCSA composition students of Lawrence Dillon, Kenneth Frazelle and Michael Rothkopf. All of the works on this concert were completed in the last few months of 2013; they reflect the diverse interests and influences of the current generation of creative artists.


  • Whistler’s Trio by Ethan Swofford
  • Dedalus Fugue by Dayton Hare
  • Every Bump in the Road by Clayton Simmons Davidson
  • Rise and Plummet by Cheyne Runnells
    The Owl Cries Who
    Earnest Hummingbird
    And the Penguins Hid Beneath the Waves
    The Pelican Who Dropped the Moon
    Go! Go! Ostrich Gallop!
    Fledgling Down
  • My Mechanical Skin by Dak Van Vranken


  • Silver Cord by Kenneth Florence
    Light Beings
  • The Mountain Summit by Zachary Mackey
  • Ira by Alexander Chadwick Umfleet
  • How to Talk to Women, (or Table for One on the Rocks) by Derek Arnold
  • Travel by Brent Lawrence
  • Two Songs by Laura Reynolds
    Grown Up (St. Vincent Millay)
    Sea of Plastic (Reynolds)