Effective Practice

By: Anastasia Harlan

This spring break, I took a new approach to my practice sessions. I decided I would try to practice smarter not harder.

My lesson the week before break was the day after our horn studio recital and my lips felt bruised, so I took it “easy”. In my lesson, we worked on the excerpt from Richard Struass' Till Eulenspiegel. I played it through once then we looked at the details. We immediately watched a brief video link about practice techniques. It was very informative for musicians. The video talked about the brain and effective practice. We went back to the excerpt and followed an order: I slurred everything and played slowly at first, incorporated air stream on hand exercises, mouthpiece buzzing, and finally played the excerpt on the horn.

I took this practice technique with me for spring break. I also thought more about the brain like the video recommended. I found this technique very effective, as it helped me efficiently practice in a shorter amount of time. I tried a new approach and I think I will stick to it.

June 12, 2017