A way to give staff a Standing Ovation

Standing ovationStaff Council is happy to announce "Standing Ovation" program for recognizing staff who have gone above and beyond. If you would like to nominate a staff member at UNCSA who has done something above and beyond and you would like to have them recognized by Staff Council please complete the nomination form.

Standing Ovation Form

Submit the staff or office that you would like to recognize. People will receive recognition at the next Staff Council meeting. For submissions submitted before the first Wednesdays of the month, those individuals will be recognized at Staff Council meeting, which is held on the third Thursday of each month. For submission received after the first Wednesday, those individuals or offices will be recognized the following month. You can find this form on the Staff Council website. If you have questions please contact Melony Texidor or Laurel Banks.

Contact: Laurel Banks

Sept. 1, 2017

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