Building Access Coordinator, supporting staff member recipient of annual award

Nick Gawlik and Brandon DavisClient Services' Access Control is proud to announce this year's Building Access Coordinator (BAC) of the Year and Best Supporting Staff Member.

This year's BAC of the Year is Residence Life's Backup BAC, Nick Gawlik. Nick is responsible for student housing assignments all year and is an integral part of the Summer Intensives administrative and preparation process. Summer Intensives wouldn't happen without him.

This year's Best Supporting Staff Member is Campus Police Lead Telecommunicator Brandon Davis. Brandon serves as a communication and relay point for Campus Police and Access Control. Brandon has demonstrated an eagerness to help, learn and support the Access Control mission to help keep our campus safe.

BACs are responsible for working with Client Services' Access Control to ensure door access and scheduling is managed in an efficient and effective way. UNCSA has more than 50 BACs. Each year we recognize and spotlight an individual BAC that has gone above and beyond. In addition, we honor an individual staff member who, while not serving as a BAC, interacts with the Access Control group in some form or fashion to help support the mission of safety and security.

On behalf of Client Services' Access Control, we want to say thank you for all your help and support!

Contact: Jared Johnson

Nov. 17, 2017

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