Prepare campus buildings for fire safety inspection

Fire extinguisherThe North Carolina Department of Insurance, Office of the State Fire Marshal is required by NC General Statute 58-31-40 to inspect each State-owned building annually to identify any conditions which may be detrimental to the safety of the building or its occupants. Each University is responsible for correcting the reported deficiencies to improve life safety and to prevent property losses.

NC State Building Code Enforcement Officer Chad Simmons will start the inspection on June 5 and will be on campus for about two weeks.

The State Fire Marshal will be inspecting your building. Some of the items he will be looking for are listed below. If you find any of these items in your area or office, please try to correct them. If you have any questions, please email the Environmental Safety and Health Director at or call extension 1539.

Obstructed exits, fire extinguishers and electrical panels:

  • Make sure that all exits are easily accessible, including hallways leading to exits.
  • There should be no storage in halls, under stairs or near exit doors.
  • Fire extinguishers and electrical panels need least 36" clearance at each side and must not be obstructed.
  • Fliers and posters taped to exit doors are also considered obstructed egress.

Check for and remove:

  • Storage that is less than 18" from the ceiling
  • Extension cords that are always in use (not allowed)
  • Power strips plugged into power strips (not allowed).
  • If you have electrical items in your office/class/lab that only have two prongs, use a power strip to plug them into, then plug the power strip into the wall so that the item is grounded.

Contact: Toni Beery

May 31, 2019

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