Update on campus parking decals, spaces, price

UNCSA gate in Ehle DriveDuring the past year, UNCSA’s Police and Public Safety Department has been diligently collaborating with industry leaders to develop many improvements to UNCSA’s parking program to more efficiently utilize existing parking space and effectively plan for transitions in parking inventory necessitated by several construction projects.  We will also be implementing a new parking management software to streamline the registration and enforcement processes.  Advance notice of anticipated improvements to the parking program will be communicated as we get closer to implementation.

For the current academic year, please continue to strictly adhere to existing parking policies and procedures posted on the Campus Police website.

The parking registration system was temporarily taken offline to perform required system updates and maintenance. Vehicle registration is now available.  Please refer to UNCSA Board of Trustees approved parking decal rates for the current academic year.

  • Students decals $70/Year
  • Faculty Staff (Reserved) decals $156/Year ($13/month via payroll deduction)
  • Faculty/Staff  (Non-reserved) $96/Year decals ($8/month via payroll deduction)
  • Extra Decals/Replacements $10 each

Thank you in advance for your flexibility as we migrate to a more efficient and effective parking program which will utilize zoned parking and industry best practices.

Vehicle Registration & Decal Forms

Contact: Michael Smith

Aug. 16, 2019

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