Kenan Institute faculty grant applications available

An application displaying on a computer screenApplications are being accepted for the Kenan Institute for the Arts 2019-2020 Faculty Leadership Grants and Faculty Enrichment Grants. Faculty can apply for grants to help develop and implement transformative ideas that advance creative learning, leadership, innovation and engagement on campus and beyond.

Faculty Leadership Grants

(Deadline: October 31, 2019)

These grants are awarded to faculty exploring new approaches to creative learning challenges; developing new ideas, research, strategies, initiatives or curricular innovations; and/or fostering and expand leadership capacity. Faculty Leadership Grants should also identify pertinent student learning outcomes. Awards range from $300-$5000, depending on the number and quality of the application pool; the average award is around $2,500.

Faculty Leadership Grant application process:

  1. Schedule meeting with Kenan Institute Assistant Business Manager Candy Martinez to review proposal/idea at least two weeks prior to the application deadline. Applications submitted WITHOUT KENAN INSTITUTE REVIEW will not be considered.
  2. Discuss your idea with your Dean or Provost. Listen to their feedback and confirm their support before continuing application process. Deans will be asked to confirm approval upon application submission. Applications WITHOUT DEAN APPROVAL will not be considered.
  3. Prepare and submit online application and budget
  4. Faculty Leadership applications will be reviewed by a Grant Review Committee in mid-November and may be returned for further edits.
  5. Applicants will be notified regarding Faculty Leadership within 30 days following deadline, and funding is generally available within 30 days of notification.

Faculty Leadership Grant Application & Budget

Faculty Enrichment Grants

(Rolling Deadline; Applications reviewed upon submission)

These grants augment student learning by subsidizing ticket and transportation costs to attend regional performances, exhibits and screenings. These grants are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, and may only be applied to transportation and admission cost. Lodging is not an eligible expense. To receive advance funding, applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event (otherwise, faculty can be reimbursed for expenses).

Faculty Enrichment Grant application process:

  1. Prepare and submit online application and budget.
  2. Enrichment grants will be reviewed by the Kenan Institute’s executive staff and may be returned for further edits.
  3. Applicants will be notified regarding Enrichment Grants within 30 days of submission and funding is generally available within 30 days of notification.

For more information, contact Candy Martinez, Kenan Institute Assistant Business Manager, at 336-726-6971 or

Faculty Enrichment Grant Application & Budget

Contact: Sunny Stewart

Sept. 13, 2019

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