Lot A signage clarifies who parks where

Sign on pole designating commuter students, faculty and staff parkingParking signage for Lot A has been updated to clarify where commuter, faculty and staff, and state-own vehicles can park in that lot.

  • Commuter student parking in the lower part of Lot A is reserved near the UNCSA school buses. Note: Commuters also can park in other designated commuter parking lots on campus.
  • State-owned vehicles park along the lower side of the storage building on Lot A.
  • Faculty and staff can park in parts of the lower part of Lot A not designated for commuter students and state vehicles, and in the unreserved parking spots in the upper portion of Lot A.
Upper Parking Lot A reserved for Faculty & StaffUpper Parking Lot A reserved for Faculty & StaffLower Lot A near buses are for Commuter StudentsParking for State vehicles marked in Lot A

Contact: Sherrie Fuiell

Oct. 28, 2019

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