Workplace elevator to be out of service starting Dec. 2

Outside stairs leading to different floors of WorkplaceA major component of the renovations will be the replacement of the Workplace elevator. It is old and unreliable, and will be taken out of service Dec. 2, with service planned to resume Feb. 7, 2020. All floors of Workplace will remain in use, but the fourth floor of Workplace will only be accessible by stairs.

The construction work has been an inconvenience. UNCSA is a small conservatory, and the location of the building, directly in the center of campus, further complicates the project. We appreciate your patience as we near completion. 

This site map identifies pedestrian access during the elevator replacement.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jorja Waybrant in Learning Resources at 336-726-6963.

Temporary Access map to Workplace Building

The following open access pathways have been identified for use as the elevator replacement in Workplace begins.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessible Routes

These ADA-accessible pathways should offer access to the first, second and third floors in Workplace for our students, faculty/staff and campus guests:

  • First floor of Workplace is accessible via Kenan Drive Parking, Workplace tunnel, First floor of Gray building, Third floor of Hanes Student Commons, and Daniels Plaza.
  • Second floor of Workplace is accessible via Kenan Drive Parking, Parking Lot G, Second floor connector space between Workplace and Gray buildings.
  • Third floor of Workplace is accessible via Sanford Hall (along the gravel walkway in front of the Dance Costume Shop), and Parking Lot G.
    Note: Navigation from Parking Lot G to the Dance studios on the third floor will originate and flow through School of Drama access points.

Fourth floor of Workplace is accessible by stairs only. All programming and events on this floor will require careful planning with the potential to move the class/event in advance, if needed. Contact the Office of Learning Resources for assistance with these matters.

Contact: Chris Placco

Nov. 21, 2019

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