UNCSA officers honored for actions in student's medical emergency

UNCSA Sergeant Keith Winters, Officer Kristopher Ward, and Police Chief Frank Brinkley at awards ceremony.On Feb. 19, the UNCSA Police and Public Safety Department Chief of Police Frank Brinkley (pictured right) recognized Sergeant Keith Winters (left) and Officer Kristopher Ward (center) for their actions on Jan. 12, 2020.

While on patrol, Officer Ward and Sergeant Winters responded to call regarding a student who had fallen and received deep lacerations on an arm. The cuts were severe and the student was bleeding heavily. While EMS was still underway, several students tried to assist and were initially unable to control the bleeding until Officer Ward placed a tourniquet on her arm above her elbow. This finally was able to control the bleeding. EMS arrived and transported the student to a hospital for treatment.

Weeks after the incident, the Campus Police learned the hospital was doing a case study on to how to handle severe arterial cuts, and using the UNCSA student's injuries as an example. It was said the doctor stated that law enforcement typically does not know how to handle serious injuries like the one the student had, and the use of the tourniquet saved the student from serious medical procedures.

Contact: Frank Brinkley

March 3, 2020

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