Commend a Police & Public Safety Department employee

UNCSA Police patch on a uniform sleeveThe Cynthia Hiott Memorial Award is an annual award to recognize employees of the Police and Public Safety Department. Think back to interactions you have had with our staff during the 2019-20 school year for nominations. Nominees can be:

  • a police officer,
  • telecommunications staff (dispatch) and
  • administrative support staff

Any employee of the police department may be nominated by an employee of the department, UNCSA faculty, staff or student. To meet eligibility for this recognition, nominees must be a current paid employee of the department, sworn or non-sworn. The nomination shall accurately describe a nominee who exemplifies a positive, reassuring spirit when interacting with faculty, staff, students and visitors. The award can also be given for promoting a positive image of the police department, the university community or the law enforcement profession as a whole through increased integrity, proficiency and community involvement.

History of the Cynthia Hiott Memorial Award 

The Cynthia Hiott Memorial Award is named in honor of UNCSA police officer Cynthia Hiott. Officer Hiott was an employee of the UNCSA Police and Public Safety Department who passed away from personal health issues while employed with UNCSA Police in 2007. During her service at the University, she was recognized by the department for her steady, positive reassuring spirit when interacting with faculty, staff, students and visitors.

How to nominate someone

If you have member of the police department that comes to mind that you think is deserving of this award, let us know! Nominations are due by June 7. Please submit your nominations to Officer K. Ward via email at Thank you, and we hope everyone continues to be safe during the current pandemic situation and we look forward to everyone’s return to campus.

Submit Cynthia Hiott Memorial Award Nomination

Contact: Kristopher Ward

April 30, 2020


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