Upgrade your Zoom meetings with help from Learning Resources

Tropical beach and palm tree

Still have that heaping pile of a mess in your bedroom, or haven’t made your bed and now it’s time to Zoom for class? Reach out while you’re on summer break and the Office of Learning Resources will walk you through some quick techniques to download the perfect headshot and add super cool backgrounds. Navigate virtual travels through Australia, Cayman, Cambodia and Vietnam all in one fell swoop while hanging out in the comfort of your own room. You’ll be able to impress your instructors, classmates, friends and family. You’ll also be able to teach them how to create the same.

Reach out to the Office of Learning Resources at waybrantj@uncsa.edu or learningresources@uncsa.edu to schedule a time to meet and start creating. Staff and faculty are also welcome to reach out and join the opportunity to build on their Zoom techniques.

Contact: Jorja Waybrant

May 15, 2020

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