TouchNet, Payment Plans unavailable June 25-30

Man on TouchNet site holding payment cardPayment Plans are live for the upcoming Fall 2020 term, and can be accessed through UNCSA's online billing portal, TouchNet.

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Payment Plans are listed by the total number of payments in the plan, including the down payment. Estimated payment plans require a user to put in estimated amounts for tuition, fees and financial aid in order to calculate payments; these amounts can be found in the plan details during enrollment. Actual payment plans are based on the amounts billed to ensure payments cover an entire balance.


Please note that all estimated payment plans are converted to actual payment plans after the billing cycle. Payments may increase or decrease depending on the accuracy of the estimate used during plan set-up. Please be sure to check your payment amounts prior to each scheduled payment.

Enrollment dates are as follows for Fall 2020 payment plans:

  • June 17-24, 2020 Estimated 4-payment plan
  • June 25-30, 2020 (not available)
  • July 1-12, 2020 Estimated 4-payment plan
  • July 13-Aug. 10, 2020 Actual 3-payment plan

Due to fiscal year end, TouchNet will be unavailable for account payments and payment plan enrollments from June 25-30.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Bursar's Office at 336-770-1416 or

Contact: Matt Horvat

June 19, 2020

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