COVID-19 Shared Leave Bank to help employees

Shared a key on a keyboardUNCSA will be offering a NC COVID-19 Shared Leave bank for employees to stay in a paid status.

If you would like to donate Leave to the NC COVID-19 Shared Leave Bank please complete the NC COVID-19 donation form. Fax the form to 336-770-1462 or email to

Please submit your donations to Leave Administration, Department of Human Resources.

Note: In case of a prolonged absence, an employee may assist another employee by donating Vacation/Bonus/Sick Leave under the NC COVID-19 Shared Leave Program. However, any Sick Leave donated cannot be used for retirement purposes.

Shared Leave Bank Rules:

  • Donations to and receipt from this leave bank are available only from and to employees within UNCSA; exchanges with employees at other institutions/agencies are not permitted.
  • The leave bank limits on the amount of leave that can be donated or received by any employee are as follows:
    • minimum of 1 hour and a maximum donation amount of 80 hours may be donated.
    • minimum or maximum hours that can be applied to a single workweek 40 hours or month 160 hours
  • The leave bank program is available to a recipient UNCSA employee only for absences due to:
    • the employee being unable to telework due to the nature of their position/and or has ongoing child/elder care needs, and
    • the employee has exhausted all accrued personal leave, accrued paid time off, and exhausted all allowable advanced leave and all allowable paid make-up” time.
  • Leave bank donations may be applied only to eligible absences occurring between 07/1/2020 – 12/31/2020. Leave donations cannot be used for any purpose other than described above and an unused leave donation cannot be retained by the recipient employee beyond 12/31/2020.


Contact: Keyona McNeill

June 28, 2020

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