Parking registration is open, changes for 2020-2021

Cars in the parking lotUpdated: Added deadline for employees to take action.

Vehicle registration for 2020-2021 parking deal is open. There have been some changes for the coming year regarding parking regulations.

All employees must take an action by Aug. 14. Those employees who do not want to park on campus must log in to the Employee Vehicle Registration form and select to opt out no later than Friday, Aug. 14, 2020. The opt out question is at the bottom of the form. Anyone who does not opt out before Aug. 14 will receive a payroll deduction for parking.


There is no change in cost of decals from last year. Student decals are $70 a year. Faculty and staff are $96 a year for general parking, and $156 a year for premium parking.

Changes for this year

This past spring, prior to the move to online courses and teleworking for much of the campus, the UNCSA Police and Public Safety Department engaged with a consultant, the Campus Development Committee, and SGA to present information about the parking program, the challenges of managing it in its current state and discussed recommendations to improve the program which included clarity of signage, the availability of parking and the maintenance of the parking surface lots. While some of the changes are not possible due to the impacts of COVID-19, some changes will be going into effect this fall.

Reserved Parking Times
Unless the spaces are specifically marked, reserved parking will only be in effect from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. daily, and only during the weekdays of Monday-Friday. This represents the peak hours of demand for the day-to-day needs of our campus. After 6 p.m., while some classes continue into the night, the demand shifts to events, and there are far fewer employees on campus. A reserved space that is needed during the day is a wasted resource at night when the employee is at home or even teleworking as many may continue to do this fall.

Lot Usage Changes
With employees moving from the Administration building to the newly renovated Semans Arts and Administration building (SAAB), an opportunity to reduce mixed group parking has presented itself to reduce opportunities for confusion about where to park. The following changes will be in effect:

  • B Lot, near the Sculpture Studio, will be exclusively a student commuter parking lot.
  • A Lot, near the Administration building, will be exclusively employee parking lot.
  • Several of the formerly Visitor parking spots on Ehle Drive across from the Administration building will be changed to employee parking.
  • E Lot, near Sanford Residence Hall, will be released to those moving into SAAB for those displaced reserve spaces, but it is also anticipated there will be some general parking that will be available.
  • N Lot, below the Fitness Center, remains an overflow lot for commuters and employees with parking permits.

Enforcement Escalation for Parking Violators
Warnings for violations will not be issued after Sept. 1. After Sept. 1, violators will receive:

  • a ticket for the first violation
  • a boot for the second violation
  • vehicle will be towed to an off-campus storage site for the third violation

The new enforcement escalation as described above is consistent with other universities we have surveyed and will be implemented this fall.

Help in Finding a Parking Space
We continue to recommend you plan your day in advance and do not rely on luck to find a parking space convenient to your destination at the last minute. We will continue to aid you if you are finding it difficult to find a parking space. Please call us at 336-770-3321 and we will help you find a space either with an officer or by use of the camera system. Store this number in your phone for easy access.

Please call us if you have any questions, or email us at

Vehicle Registration & Parking Decal Request form

Contact: Frank Brinkley

Updated: July 31, 2020

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