Vote for UNCSA student film "Kindred Kings" Aug. 6-19

People lying head-to-head on a floorThe UNCSA School of Filmmaking has submitted “Kindred Kings” (6:03) to this year’s TheWrap ShortList Film Festival. The ShortList videos are live for viewing and voting on The Wrap’s website from Aug. 6-19.

“Kindred Kings” is described by the filmmakers as “a poetic visual piece that explores freedom and true versatility for the Black man. ‘Kindred Kings’ illustrates the journey for us to remember that Black men are Kings, Kindred Kings. And as Kings, we get to decide the new narrative for the Black man.”

“Kindred Kings” was co-written and directed by School of Design and Production alumnus Trey Gray , and co-written/produced by School of Filmmaking student Jo Hatcher, with cinematography and editing by School of Filmmaking student Zachary Smith. Production design is by Romello Huins and Gray, who also provided costume design, with makeup by Natosha Martin, and music by School of Design and Production student Nick Parnell. Vocals were composed and performed by School of Drama student Deandre Sevon and Mlaj.

Additional students from the schools of Dance, Design and Production, Drama, and Filmmaking were also involved, serving as crew and cast members.

The project originated in Gray’s independent study with faculty member Pam Knourek in the School of Design and Production.

Tramaine Raphael “Trey” Gray is a multifaceted creator and director who focuses on performance art, film, and editorial work. Through his training and opportunities, he discovered his true voice in the world. He’s grown to lift up and serve underrepresented voices and their stories. As an artist, Gray strives to create innovative, thought-provoking and substantial work. Art, in his opinion, is supposed to communicate love and passion but also the raw reality of the world that we all face daily. As an artist, he makes it his mission to use his art to change, heal and support the world around him.

Please remember to vote between Aug. 6-19!

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Contact: Kate Miller

July 31, 2020

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