Check your student account for holds

Computer and paperworkStudents who have important issues to resolve prior to check-in for Fall 2019 may have holds placed on their accounts on or before Aug. 12. Students should check for holds by logging in to E-Z Arts and are encouraged to check for holds regularly as they may be added for cause at any time.

A hold on your account will prevent you from checking in to your arts school, changing your course registration and attending class. Even if you believe you have taken care of an account hold, it is important to contact the office that placed the hold because only they will be able to remove it.

Student Accounts Holds
Since all bills were due on Aug. 5, students who have a balance remaining on their student accounts on Aug. 12 will have holds placed on their accounts.

Students with Student Accounts holds remaining on the first day of class (Aug. 19 for high school students and Aug. 26 for college students) will be assessed a $100 late fee. Students with Student Accounts holds by the fifth day of class (the last day of add/drop) will be dropped from their entire schedule.

Our goal is for holds to be cleared as early as possible to streamline the check-in process. Please reach out to any areas that have placed holds on your account if you have questions on how to resolve them.

Check E-Z Arts

Contact: Matt Horvat

Aug. 9, 2019

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