Share how you've powered creativity

Ballet dancers sit in a circlePowering Creativity: The Campaign for UNCSA successfully concluded on June 30 with over $75 million raised in support of scholarships, campus improvements, community engagement, professorships, and more.

Help us celebrate the success by sharing how you've powered creativity in a short self-recorded video for use in our campaign celebration.

  1. Review these tips for self-recording video.
  2. Record a video of the following message:
    1. STUDENTS: "Thank you for powering my creativity"
    2. FACULTY/STAFF: “Thank you for powering creativity”
  3. After recording the above message, pause briefly, then you have the option of sharing a detailed testimonial lasting one minute or less about how the Powering Creativity campaign has impacted you/your students, beginning with the following suggested prompt:
    1. STUDENTS: "UNCSA powers my creativity by…"
    2. FACULTY: "Because of Powering Creativity, our students can now…”
    3. STAFF: “Powering Creativity has made UNCSA a better place by…”

4. Submit your video by uploading it by Aug. 6.

Upload your video

Thank you for sharing your story and for all the ways you've powered creativity at UNCSA!

Contact: John Bowhers

July 15, 2021

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